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I must say that I am generally impressed with the services rendered to me by BGERL, I was warmly received by the staff. They helped me in selecting an appropriate school that is good for my course of study and right now I am enjoying the school

philip Ojo
, St Charles Medical University - Czech Republic

I love to tell you what BGERL is able to do for your successful admission processing. BGERL has capable hands and brilliant mindset; the staff easily adhered to the client’s desires and choices. I will recommend BGERL to you so that you can have your desired school without stress.

Kayode Josiah Olutayo
, Cherkasy Technological University, Ukraine

I could not have been where I am without the help of BGERL. Their effort during my admission processing was incomparable and worthy of recommendation. Passing through them is helpful to the realization of my dream. How I wished you pass through them. You will be surprised with their favorable services.

Masters Program, Maynooth University

I got to know about BGERL during my final graduation in my high school. Their mode of marketing got me and since then I made up my mind to study abroad. However, I spoke to my parents about me schooling abroad and I was able to convince them. At first my father and I made enquires just to be sure that we are dealing with the right source. BGERL made my college registrations and visa application very convenient and certified. My parent are also delighted with their services and I promise to tell my friends who are interested in studying abroad to patronize BGERL because they are good at what they do.

faling Tongman
, Dublin City University

Brave Genius Educational Resources Limited (BGERL) is a great establishment that puts smiles on people’s faces when it comes to Educational consultancy. I passed through them and I can boldly say that BGERL is the best consultant you can work with.

Daniel Onekpe
Computer Science, Maynooth University

I write to share my testimony about BGERL a consulting organization that assist people aspiring to travel abroad to study and also to secure visa. It was introduced to me by a friend, so I decided to visit their office after going through their website. They made my visa application easy to process.

Anita Emefiele
, Dublin International Foundation College

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